Germany 40 CDF Trading Strategy

  • Wallstreet Open Strategy

    Wallstreet Open Strategy

    This strategy creates a trading opportunity based on the initial movement of the Dow or US30 index futures right after market open. The theory builds on statistics showing the index creating a high or low for the day – or at least for the first 90 minutes of trading – timed at the open. This […]

  • What are CFD Brokers

    CFD Brokerages operate different from forex and stock brokers. They do not broker sales of assets. All they do is accept bets for the difference of price of financial instruments. An investor can purchase a contract for price difference on a popular stock like Apple or Boing, but he will not receive any shares for […]

  • Central Bank Blues

    When ECB, FED or any other central bank release their data, decisions or meeting protocols market changes its behaviour. It is either dominated by

  • Dax 0314

    Dax 0314

    Rejection from both ma …. trade or not?

  • Dax 0414

    Dax 0414

    Win 60

  • Martket Stalkers

    Deeyana Angelo runs this lovely chanel. It’s one of the better sources for traders who have a sense for her dry, pointed humor. No, she is not talling any jokes, but she makes jokes about the people who need to watch her videos. Hahaha, gotcha!

  • Dax 0224

    Dax 0224

    max gain 300

  • Dax0223


  • Dax 0222

    Dax 0222

  • DAX 0221

    DAX 0221

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