body kick

Being a travelling publicist, writer and photographer my expert fields are the martial arts. I have been contributing to fighting sports magazines around the world for over 30 years and published my own magazines, produced television shows and promoted events from seminars to World championship fights.

Many personalities in the world of fighting sports have greatly benefited from the exposure I was able to provide them with.

I’d love to help other fighters and martial artists. Find out about the opportunities for their right exposure. Whether you step in the ring for competition, operate a dojo or promote events, professional photos, videos and editorial content will be of great benefit for you. It will open doors that you wouldn’t know otherwise existed.

“A well done image portfolio can greatly expand your career. ”Mike Doy

Publications: Kick, Kicksider, Kung Fu, Samurai, Karate, Budo, Budo International, Bojova Umeny, Svenska Fighter, Budowelt, Samurai, Banzai, WAKO Magazine, Official Karate, Martial Arts Digest, Fighter International, Black Belt, Sport Karate, Karateka.

Other fields: Editorial content, video production, documentation, tutorials, product photography, marketing strategy.