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  • Wallstreet Open 1 Minute Chart

    Wallstreet Open 1 Minute Chart

    Today, I am starting tweaks to my US30 opening trade. I want to go long at the end of the first 1 minute bar after open. If it has a solid body into one direction, I will trade its continuation of at least 100 points with a stoploss tightly behind the bar. In this instance…

  • Dax 1hr

    Dax 1hr

    Value Gap (yellow reactangle) on 1hr chart. It gets hit at 9:30 while taking out the 8.00h low of the day. Prefect long entry and +50 pts. rebound. The 1 min chart below shows how perfect of an entry this becomes with 1+1 method. SL under yellow value gap of 1 hr chart.

  • The Hour between Dog and Wolf

    The Hour between Dog and Wolf

    One of the most captivating writings about the development of boom and bust cycles in financial markets and how they are created by irrational risk takers. Author John Coales describes human biology and how it makes people tick and take action when riches are made and destroyed.

  • Wallstreet Open Strategy

    Wallstreet Open Strategy

    This strategy creates a trading opportunity based on the initial movement of the Dow or US30 index futures right after market open. The theory builds on statistics showing the index creating a high or low for the day – or at least for the first 90 minutes of trading – timed at the open. This…

  • What are CFD Brokers

    Minimal capital requirements often draw investors into trading CFDs. These leveraged instruments offer huge gains, but many people underestimate the risk. Brokers create their own prices since transactions are not exchange regulated which can devaluate positions rapidly.

  • Central Bank Blues

    When ECB, FED or any other central bank release their data, decisions or meeting protocols market changes its behaviour. It is either dominated by

  • Dax 0314

    Dax 0314



    Rejection from both ma …. trade or not?

  • Dax 0414

    Dax 0414



    Win 60

  • Martket Stalkers

    Deeyana Angelo runs this lovely chanel. It’s one of the better sources for traders who have a sense for her dry, pointed humor. No, she is not talling any jokes, but she makes jokes about the people who need to watch her videos. Hahaha, gotcha!

  • Dax 0224

    Dax 0224



    max gain 300