LQ Sweeps

NQ in 05/2024: Below is a juxtaposition of 1hr (left) and the detailed 1min chart of the sellside liquidity sweep on 05/23.

On the left side where the previous low was recorded on 05/20 the price created an impuls candle to the upside, leaving an imbalance and a bullish order block behind. The market traded into the orderblock twice before moving higher.

On 05/23 market aimed for the sellside liquidity below that 05/20 low and orderblock combination. It just went 10 points below the previous low before it created a INVIB.

Once the INVIB was followed by a break of structure (BOS), the bottom of the INVIB served as a perfect entry.


After the price moved above the INVIB boxed range it made in impulse candle higher while creating an FVG with an unfilled bottom quarter. As long as this range remains open as a break away gap, price is possibly going to move higher.

As the price moved higher it created another 15min FVG above the 1min break-away gap which served as support.

Below the 5 min chart. The first 5 min bullish candle at 3:05 with a rejection shadow is an indication of a bottom. It’s low can serve as a stop-loss level. A supportive trend change on the 5 min chart with clean rejection or impuls is indicative of at least an intermediate low.


5 min


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